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The main features to consider in a folding bicycle are: foldability, stowability, ride comfort, sturdiness and stiffness, weight and, of course, price.

The foldability of the DI BLASI bicycles is unmatched. The frame made as articulated quadrilaterals and the automatically retractable front fork, make easy and quick the folding of the bicycles: only 5 seconds and 3 simple steps, without using tools and without screwing or unscrewing any device. In the same easy and quick way they return to be normal, comfortable bicycles.

The stowability of the DI BLASI bicycles is expressed by their dimensions when folded which are among the smallest compared to those of the other folding bicycles, considering that these dimensions refer to complete bicycles with rear carrier, pedals, etc.

The ride comfort of the DI BLASI bicycles arises from the long wheelbase, from the seat height adjustable from very low to very high position, from the proper distance of the handlebar from the seat, from the seven speed derailleur gear which allows the best pedalling.

A confirmation of the sturdiness of the DI BLASI bicycles is given by the hundred thousands of samples produced since 1974. From technical point of view this sturdiness arises from that the main frame is made in one piece (i.e. it has not a central hinge like the usual folding bicycles) and from that the seat is held by two posts instead that by one as in the traditional bicycles.

The weight of the DI BLASI bicycles includes also the weight of the numerous standard equipments (large rear carrier, folding pedals, front and rear lights powered by dynamo, stand). In many other folding bicycles all or some of there equipments are often offered as optional and therefore are not included in the weights, volumes and prices declared by the manufacturers of these bicycles. Furthermore, the considerations about weight cannot be held separate from those about sturdiness and stiffness of the frame as well as about easiness of the folding system.

All the above considered, the ratio quality / price of the DI BLASI bicycles is one of the most high.

Two models of bicycles are available:

  • The mod. R24, fitting 16” (39 cm) tyres
  • The mod. R21 fitting 20” (48 cm) tyres
Each of the above two models is offered in two versions:
The standard versions (R24PR21P) fitting frames made of high tensile carbon steel and painted with polyester powders.
The stainless steel versions (R24SR21S) fit frame and hardware made of stainless steel (AISI 304) and therefore they are ideal for use in conjunction with boats.
All technical information concerning the two models are published in the “Specifications” page.

 DI BLASI Mod. R22  DI BLASI Mod. R22 DI BLASI Mod. R22

Mod. R22

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